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Keighley Armed Forces Association is extremely fortunate to share it’s local area with the Men of Worth Project. Keighley is located at the point where the valleys of the rivers Aire and Worth meet. 

Ian Walkden, and Andy & Helen Wade of the Men of Worth CIC are creating a body of historical work that is a memorial, in detail, of how armed conflict has impacted our local population. It is a project that requires the dedication to spend hours and hours conducting detailed research and making that information available on the internet, to answering interested descendants making enquiries, producing regular articles for the local press, putting on displays and seminars, and no doubt many other tasks.

Men of Worth is an amazing project that is contributing so much to our community. 

About Men of Worth

The Men of Worth Project researches the history of local people who served our country in wartime. We follow all available sources of information that we can find. We use the source information to create a biography for each person named in our archive. This is displayed in the form of a time-line of their life, and this is accompanied by photographs that we have gathered.

We do this simply because we believe their stories should be preserved and told to future generations. We do not support war and we certainly do not celebrate it. Many of the people we have researched did die defending their position and we at Men of Worth simply recognise that without judging them.

We are also researching our local conscientious objectors (who obviously did not serve to fight). We wish to record how they were treated due to their non-violent stance. They were part of our society during a time of conflict and we hope our research will be useful to anyone examining this subject.

 Men of Worth | Website

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