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Armed Forces Day 2017

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Keighley Armed Forces Day
At Marley Fields on Sunday 18th June 2017
Programme of events:
11.00 Opening ceremony with our special guest of honour Andy Reid
11.30 Harrogate Sea Cadets
12.00 16th Lancers Display Troop
12.30 Music on stage
13.00 Team Xtreme cheerleaders
13.30 Keighley Air Training Corps
13.40 (approximate time for Dakota aeroplane fly past)
14.00 Haworth Home Guard
14.30 16th Lancers Display Troop
15.00 Keighley Sea Cadet Corps
15.30 St John Ambulance
16.00 Bradford Royal Marine Cadets
16.30 Haworth Home Guard
17.00 Closing ceremony

How to get here:

Keighley’s Armed Forces Day is on Sunday 18th June 2017 at Marley Fields, Keighley.
To get there you can come by car by driving to Marley Stadium and following the signs for ‘Armed Forces Day’, which is on the top field and will be well signposted so you can find it easily. Car parking is available at the stadium end and you can walk from there, or you could follow the signs and park your vehicle in our car park on the field and save your legs, and we will have a disabled parking section available. We do ask for a small voluntary donation though, which will help us to cover our costs.

Or you could use our dedicated bus service, the times are as follows:

BUS SERVICE – This is being run as a courtesy, but we ask for a donation from passengers, to help support our association.

Buses from Keighley Town Centre to Marley Stadium

Dalton Lane (Campus Car Park)
0955 1025 1055 1125 1155 1225 1255 1325
Railway Station (Forecourt)
0957 1027 1057 1127 1157 1227 1257 1327
Hanover Street (for Bus Station)
1000 1030 1100 1130 1200 1230 1300 1330
ASDA (Bradford Rd Coach Stop)
1003 1033 1103 1133 1203 1233 1303 1333
Parson Street
1005 1035 1105 1135 1205 1235 1305 1335
Marley Stadium (Main Gate)
1010 1040 1110 1140 1210 1240 1310 1340

Buses from Marley Stadium to Keighley Town Centre
Marley Stadium (Main Gate)
1020 1050 1120 1150 1220 1250 1320
1500 1530 1600 1630 1700 1730

Passengers will be set down at Elia Street, Railway Station & Hanover Street

This Bus Service will be operated by Keighley Bus Museum Trust Ltd, on contract to the Keighley Armed Forces Association. A 1950’s traditional half-cab bus will be used, subject to availability. Whilst every effort will be made to maintain the service shown above, Keighley Bus Museum Trust Ltd accepts no liability for connecting facilities or any loss, inconvenience or delay thereby caused.

If you would like to be part of Keighley Armed Forces Day 2017 please contact us via KAFA Planning.

Booking forms for Stall Holders (including charities, vendors, funfair rides, re-enactors, etc) can be downloaded here

Battle of Britain Memorial Flight, Royal Air Force.
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